Bring us your on-trend, in-style high-street, designer & vintage clothing, shoes and accessories.
We buy men’s & women’s items in excellent condition. We take the best of all seasons, all year
long and make selections based on current inventory needs. We accept only clean, unstained,
odour-free items


You receive a choice of either 25% cash of what we price your items to sell for or 50% in CXC
store credit which can be used anytime for up to 12 months

There are three ways to sell with CXC in our store


We have to see all items in person before we can say whether or not we’d be able to buy them

A buyer will evaluate your items to determine which ones we will be able to sell in store,
based on our current stock levels, condition of the item, and expected interest from
customers. The buyer will then price the items we can take for sale in store and give you the
choice between a cash and trade value offer. Feel free to have a shop around the store to see if
there are any items you wish to trade for, although many customers choose to take store credit
on a CXC trade card which is valid for up to 12 months
The process for our drop-off service works slightly differently

No. We can receive store credit on your CXC trade card and use it anytime for up to 12
months. The CXC trade card is yours to keep, and you can keep trading again and again using
the same store account

Our store is the biggest in Bristol, so we are able to consider most brands, although we typically do not buy fast fashion or department store brands

Yes, although we need to authenticate items we buy, so if you are able to show an original
purchase receipt for higher-end items, this will be useful and which some items we may
require an original receipt to make an offer to buy

✓ Everyday Staples
✓ Plus Sizes
✓ Menswear
✓ Shoes
✓ Designer
✓ Vintage
✓ Jewelry
✓ One-of-a-kind
✓ Handbags & Purses
✓ Activewear
✓ Accessories
✓ Outerwear

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