25% Cash Offer

When you sell your clothes for cash in our store, you will receive 25% in cash of what we price your items to sell for. We offer the best possible prices for designer brands that are not available in any other store.

50% Trade offer

When you trade with us, you are choosing to receive trade credit to be used in our store. We pay 50% in trade of what we price your items to sell for in the store, and give you credit on a trade card that can be used at any time.


We buy men’s and women’s clothing & accessories in good condition — from current styles to vintage pieces and unique finds. We take in the best of all seasons, all year long and make selections based on our current inventory needs.

Recycling your wardrobe with us is a great way to help out the environment while earning a little extra money or trading your current unwanted clothes towards a new wardrobe!

If you’re looking to sell clothing and accessories you’re no longer wearing, bring them into our store and our valuation team will be happy to take a look. We evaluate and price clothing on the spot and you’ll receive either cash or trade credit.


We have to see all items in person before we can say whether or not we’d be able to buy them.

After you sell, your buyer will tell you your cash and trade options. Feel free to shop around before making a decision. Then stop by the register on your way out. You can take any combination of cash and trade. Many customers like to use their store credit to buy an item they found that day and take the rest in cash. Others like to take a trade card to use on another day – it never expires!

✓ Everyday Staples
✓ Plus Sizes
✓ Menswear
✓ Shoes
✓ Designer
✓ Vintage
✓ Jewelry
✓ One-of-a-kind
✓ Handbags & Purses
✓ Activewear
✓ Accessories
✓ Outerwear

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