Saving the Environment one garment at a time

With the average household purchasing 80 pieces of clothes in a year, the sheer volume of resources being used and wasted is staggering. With ClothingXChange, you can recycle your unwanted clothes into cash or trade them towards a new wardrobe by visiting our store. You can also buy pre-owned clothes that are gently used and save money while also helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Did you Know ...

200 tonnes

of fresh water are needed to dye one tonne of fabric

1.5 trillion

litres of water are used by the fashion industry each year


of greenhouse gases are generated for each kilo of fabric produced


textile microplastic fibres end up in the oceans every year


of chemicals are needed to produce 1kg of textiles

70 million

oil barrels and trees are used each year to produce our clothes

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