How to Sell

25% CASH

When you sell your clothes for cash in our store, you receive 25% in cash of what we price your items to sell for. We offer top prices for designer brands that are not available in any other store.


When you trade with us, you’re choosing to receive trade credit to be used in our store. We pay 50% in trade of what we price your items to sell for in the store, and give you credit on a trade card that can be used at any time.

Get your high-end designer labels for less

Recycling your wardrobe with us is a great way to help out the environment while earning a little extra money or trading your current unwanted clothes towards a new wardrobe!

If you’re looking to sell clothing and accessories you’re no longer wearing, bring them into our store and our valuation team will be happy to take a look. We evaluate and price clothing on the spot and you’ll receive either cash or trade credit.

What are we looking for

Appointments Only

Booking an appointment is required to sell or trade with us. Sorting through and valuing items takes time, so keep in mind that this process might take us an hour or more and plan accordingly. Since we are able to offer more for your items with a trade credit, you might want to look around and find something in the store that you would love to take home

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